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Property Services in Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany

Property Purchase

Should you decide to buy a property from us our Property Purchase service manages the legal and technical requirements of your purchase and initial ownership.

We can also offer these services if you want to purchase property through another agent or directly from a vendor.

  • Provision of UK-based assistance, to guide you through the process of buying and/or renovating your Italian property, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the process
  • Arranging your Codice Fiscale (Italian financial code) - required to purchase a property
  • Assistance in setting up a local bank account (useful for paying bills)
  • Arranging property insurance, both during any restoration work and afterwards
  • Setting up all required meetings with a notaio (notary public) to purchase and register the property in your name
  • Arranging to deliver documents to you, for your signature, as and when they become available
  • Arranging for the installation of electricity, water and gas supplies, or changing existing supplies to your name
  • Arranging for the connection of a telephone line, or changing an existing line to your name
  • Arranging any change-of-use administration required (e.g. from rural property to residential property)
  • Arranging your initial payments of local taxes
  • Arranging for any initial cleaning or gardening work to be carried out
  • Provision of general advice, and suggestions as to how restoration, or restructuring work can be carried out, based on experience of local methods, materials and expertise
  • Advice on arranging planning permissions, and the expected time scales for these
  • Can arrange liaison with all contractors required for any repair or restructuring work - masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, handymen etc., including:
    • Working with you to define in terms suitable for Italian contractors the work to be done
    • Advising on local building methods and the reasons for any local ways of doing things
    • Obtaining estimates and quotes from contractors
    • Ensuring that work is carried out as agreed as far as possible, and advising on alternative courses of action where required
    • Ensuring that contractors are paid in an appropriate manner and at the proper time.

The above services are provided at the standard commission of 3% of the purchase price

This fee does NOT include disbursements, for example notaio's fees, survey fees, stamp duty, fees for any other legal or administrative requirements, costs payable to utility companies for connections, insurance cover, local or national taxes, planning permission costs, workmen's and contractor's fees and materials.